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Mature content
My Dragon Form (made For Pleasure ) :iconjjhgt:jjhgt 0 14
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Here my face no more I'm doing :iconjjhgt:jjhgt 1 11
Undertale which path do you choose by jjhgt Undertale which path do you choose :iconjjhgt:jjhgt 0 16


Pokemon vore
Warning, contain vore (oral and unbirth) and spelling mistakes (like always when I write something in english)
I am a team rocket scientist, working on the pokemons DNA to make them stronger. But actually, things aren't going well for me. The big boss said to my boss that I could take his place, and well... My boss is ready to kill to keep his job... and he isn't stupid.
I had a few employees under my order, they were here to feed the pokemons and because they were innocent, I knew that they wouldn't get attacked. But my boss fired them, and waited for my pokemons to get really hungry to tell me about that...
It's awful to have to feed them, they know who I am, and what I did, and if I do a little mistake, I'm sure that I would pay for it. I began to feed the less dangerous ones, it was easy, but now I am in front of the cell of one of my better experiment... I took a serperior, which is a snake and a very good pred, and some luxray DNA (a lion like pred).
The result was a very smart p
:iconxxxkilledxx:xxxkilledxx 97 1,060
Pokemon Birthday Trio by Softwinter Pokemon Birthday Trio :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 2 10
Sleepover with Amy, Sticks, Zooey, Perci, and Ryan
  It was night time and Amy, Sticks, Zooey, Perci, and Ryan are having a sleepover at Ryan's room. Ryan was wearing pajama shorts, Zooey is wearing a crimson gown with Crimson slippers, Perci is wearing maroon pjs and brown slippers, Sticks is wearing black pajamas and orange slippers, and Amy is wearing pink pajamas and Red slippers. This feels nice,"said Zooey. I know right it has a window, and walls," Added Ryan. Everyone," called Amy Rose. Let's play a video game. What do you want to play?,"asked Amy. Why we do Guitar Hero 8 Friendship Of Rock," Answered Ryan. Why Guitar Hero 8,"asked Zooey. I got some games,"said Amy. Amy has Call of duty 6: nerf gun war, Call of duty bad cops, Sonic Boom Rampage, The Backyardigans Rampage, and Battlefield 4. I got a problem,"said Perci,in past. Some of the games don't ever watch their language,"said Zooey. Ryan,"said Amy. What is it Amy?,"asked Ryan in a shock. Have you curse?,"asked Amy.Uh…no, but I found a few words that what do they
:iconryanroberts:RyanRoberts 3 0
Tickle fun with Amy the werehog
   Ryan, Corbon, and Gabe are sitting around. The transformation starts in a minute we'll never make it,"cried Ryan. Not until now,"said Corbon. Let's hurry,"said Gabe. 15 seconds later.....  . Amy,"called Ryan. Amy,"called Corbon. Amy,"called Gabe. Ryan, Corbon, Gabereal, What are you guys doing here?,"asked Amy Rose. We're just here to see you,"said Corbon, and Ryan plugged Corbon's mouth. There's an actual situation ," Answered Ryan. Ryan was overwhelmed,"said Gabe. What's going on with all your three?,"asked Amy Rose. To overwhelmed,"said Ryan. I'm still glad to see you three, and you are guys just in time for the night,"said Amy. Well this is fine,"said Gabe. Sometimes we all talk all at once sometimes ,"said Amy. That was crazy,"said Corbon. I understand with the most important boy Ryan, we haven't looked for enemies,"said Amy. Ulll that's shocky,"said Ryan. Also guess what we have about a minute to 8:30 pm, and we will celebrate within all of us. When Amy Rose is
:iconryanroberts:RyanRoberts 3 0
Dragon King  Wolf Pack leader Swords by AnyFan1 Dragon King Wolf Pack leader Swords :iconanyfan1:AnyFan1 6 9
Mature content
Rouge's night at the museum :iconmrepcot:mrepcot 7 23
Deep Purple (Lugia Vore)

Warning: This story contains scenes of Vore. If you don't like Vore, I strongly advise you not to read this.
But if you do like Vore, enjoy! :D
It was just an average day for me. School.  Homework. Xbox. This was how I lived every single day as a seventeen year old boy. But what I didn't realise was that today would be very different.
It would be a day that would change my life forever.
It was about, I dunno, say nine o'clock at night? I was playing, yet again, on my Xbox. My parents had left on an important business trip to Hoenn, and left the entire house to me. After all, I was seventeen years old. We all thought I was old enough to manage by myself and our large house on my own.
Boy was I wrong…
Anyway, I was relaxing, playing games, talking to friends online, eating the lasagna that my mom made for me. I was generally having a peaceful, enjoyable time. After a while, I thought I heard some sort of odd commotion goi
:icondovahthedragonborn:DovahTheDragonborn 213 380
RPG Fetish: Fruztal's Weird Adventure (Demo)
soo i bought RPG Maker VX a month ago, and i decided to make a RPG with Fart Fetish related adventure ^_^
:iconsoniclover562:  is helping me with some Scenes, Skills, etc etc.
Right now, the game isn't finished yet but i did a small demo so you can see how's the "plot"
If you have problems about the RPG or any question about the game.
just ask :iconsoniclover562: or just ask me ^_^
Have fun!
:iconfruztal:fruztal 3 11
Sailor Venus TF by flashpinup Sailor Venus TF :iconflashpinup:flashpinup 176 14 Molly Giraffe Big Booty Dry Hump. Gif. by Virus-20
Mature content
Molly Giraffe Big Booty Dry Hump. Gif. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 251 12
Between a Gut and a Soft Place by Jackurai Between a Gut and a Soft Place :iconjackurai:Jackurai 271 92 Zen Ock by JacobTheDragon Zen Ock :iconjacobthedragon:JacobTheDragon 10 24
Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know what's going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!
I don't know if this is true, or some sort of weird thing that's going on. But be careful everyone.
(I don't own this)
:iconhakike--guro:hakike--guro 4 21
DJ's Video Game Meme V.2011 by ZombiDJ DJ's Video Game Meme V.2011 :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 778 205 Plant Vore! by Voremantic
Mature content
Plant Vore! :iconvoremantic:Voremantic 280 109
Beware The Bean Bag Blob (15) by Voremantic
Mature content
Beware The Bean Bag Blob (15) :iconvoremantic:Voremantic 125 38


there are something i could sell but at a the right time and place




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ondre S tatem
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States

my name is Ondre S. Tatem, yes that it's my last name, TATEM/ T-A-T-E-M, but if you want to you can call me dre/bigOT/or OST for short. i am black, my birthday is in may on the 17 in 1998. i have a short temper like bomb from angry birds.

i still live with my family, and the life with my family is all i have to know and love. i like to be happy with them but some time they can drive me up the walls.

i'm mostly am a gamer, but i don't always like to loss but i am learning on how to control it.

(go to here if you want to play with me…)

i have an facebook page if you want to talk to. here is my facebook link to poke me ( i have my own youtube channel and some video up on it.

i am trying to get some of my own stuff out there, if you want to see some of them then go to this channel here (…)

i have and play with kid cards, if you want to play with me over skype in video games go to… and let play together


:iconveronicathedragoness: (I know stop calling you that but its feels right to call you that because of the fun we had online)







like a mom/master: :iconrosefang16:
year twin brother: :iconjacobthedragon:
big sister: :iconphoenixwing20:
big brother: :iconmegamanfan43:
brother: :iconjonthegoat:
bigger brother: :iconlectraplayer:
uncle/ or cousin: :iconthe-fox-of-light:
little brother: :iconsteveythedragon:





me and elle
me as the trainer and my lovely pet :iconchubbyeevee:ChubbyEevee and we are going on a journey 

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If anyone out there with  my kind of do like my type of dialogue a fetish please just for me just three pictures three pictures of three pictures of vore that's it breast unbirth feet please my final wish if you can a sexual or something in my happiness please my final wish on da
My birthday is in two days and yet the friends I haven't seen in a long time don't want to say hi to me anymore
hey there my watchers its yo wolf ondre here and im open for any art trade AND PLEASE DONT BUG MY ABOUT HAND DRAW STUFF MY HAND HURTS DARWING!!! i only do wolfs, dragons,ponys, (maybe a furry if i could get the one website working) foxs,cats,bunnys, and what else i could go to or think or but yeah im open for trades so let get those routs on the road people
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